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Welcome to Health Practice Solutions

Health Practice Solutions has been developed to provide accurate and complete reviews of medical documentation.  Our services respond to your needs. We assist physicians looking at the revenue recovery process or compliance coding.  We provide expert medical perspective reviews for lawyers.  We accurately code DRG designation for inpatient hospital admissions, often providing concurrent reviews.

Medical terminology, illegible handwriting, disorganized medical charts and insufficient documentation to support the billing of a procedure or office visit (E/M), are just a sampling of reasons you need a professional to review documentation.
Health Practice Solutions
Medical records can reviewed by electronic submission in our office, at your office or on site in a healthare facility.
Reviews of Protected Health Information (PHI) are only performed after confidentiality and business associate agreements following HIPAA compliance regulations are signed.

My name is Gwen Laning and I created Health Practice Solutions to provide the expertise and integrity required for the review of medical record documentation.  I have 30 years experience in the business and clinical areas of healthcare.  I have worked for Medicare in the Medical Review and Fraud programs.  In addition, HPS offers legal nurse consulting services including complete medical record summaries and medical literature reviews.

I look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs.

Gwen Laning, BSN, MBA
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Health Practice Solutions, Inc.
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